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Student Biodome Project
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Be a part of a movement to bring Nature back to our Communities and our Lives.

The Biodome is not just a greenhouse.

Glimpse the Future...

The Biodome will be a year-round tropical paradise with winding paths and beautiful waterfalls, teeming with lush plants and small animals. The green environment will facilitate social interaction, improve mental health, and build community.

The Biodome is envisioned as a sustainability showcase demonstrating green innovations and giving people positive experiences of options available for a better future.

Our environment shapes us. The wonders of nature, beauty, and abundance, make inspiring, kind, giving people. Verdant forests and waterscapes are our happiest home, rich with life, relaxing and assuring. We are part of the life of this world and we experience joy from this connection.

The infrastructure we’ve created shapes us. Infrastructure matters; ever since the first fence and road led to agriculture and commerce, our creations have recreated us and restructured the world around us. We need a nature rich home base in our cities to gather and cultivate those who wish to tend the good in the world, to grow communities in harmony with our living planet, and consolidate knowledge and social cohesion as agents of cultural transformation.


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