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How is the Biodome Different?

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What it is about

The Biodome will be beyond a museum, zoo, or standard conservatory. It will serve as a nature immersion community activity center - a space to cultivate mental health, interpersonal connections, goodwill, and community growth. It will be a place to remember the life and beauty of our world.


The Biodome is all about generating solutions for a better future in which we all live closer to and spend more time in nature. 

Who it is for

The Biodome is intended to be a neighborhood facility instead of a singular metropolitan or regional attraction. It will be a community activity, learning, and engagement center providing education and information on environmental practices and local issues. It will also serve as a hub of social science research, helping us all to understand and enhance our engagement with nature.

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We want to enhance life at the local community level. That means transforming the daily life of kids growing up, college students navigating stressful exams, and families working through day-to-day stress. It means providing a welcoming space for relaxation, socialization, and learning. It means creating a gathering place for seniors, for families, and for friends.

How will it work

We plan to reverse the standard conservatory business model. Instead of limited free time slots, like a free afternoon on Thursdays, for example, the Biodome would be free at the door all week during business hours and Monday through Wednesday evenings. To be financially self-sustaining, there would be rental and door charge event times on Thursday through Sunday evenings, and an optional weekend entrance fee.  While financially sustainable, the Biodome would also not be a profit-oriented business. 

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