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An International Movement for a Greener World

Challenge Your Community

The Biodome is not just our dream - it is one widely shared by people around the globe. We have interested participants and financial supporters in Ireland and Europe, as well as affiliates looking into Biodome construction in their communities in Canada and multiple US states.


The Biodome promises to be a life-rich gathering place where we consolidate our community and reinforce aspirations, discovery, and change. The movement to build Biodomes where we live is one that focuses on the foundational value of infrastructure to shape our communities. Your community can be a part of this movement. 


Research-based Outcomes


We envision the Biodome as an empowering civic venue, an iconic structure that will serve as a focal point for community networking, events, and the cultivation of caring stewards for nature and the community as a whole. The reality is that all of these community benefits only scrape the surface of what we gain simply by having greater access to nature. 


Better views of greenery are associated with a 50% improvement in creativity.  Research shows the restorative functions of nature for mental health include stress reduction, improved mood, and gains in cognitive function, especially for school children. For employees, studies have shown improved work performance and decreased sick time associated with natural views. The efficacy of an hour walk in an arboretum is on par with today’s pharmaceutical interventions for major depression.

We Can Help

The more Biodomes we build around the world, the more lives we can improve, and the more we will come to understand how an oasis of nature in urban communities enhances personal health and mental state, community interaction, and cohesion. 

The Biodome design is adaptable.  We are working on the flexible accommodation of different seasonal sun angles, frostline depth or absence, rainfall availability, level and sloped sites, compliance with various national building codes, and the community preferences of population service groups. Our goal is to create a scalable design that can be used by as many communities in as many locations as possible, and reduce the building costs through shared resources. 

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