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SGP In The News

Our sustainability movement is in the news!  COVID has tamped that down a little.

WDBM-FM (88.9 FM) is the successor to the Michigan State Network, which in the 1970s was the nation’s largest college carrier current radio network. The Undercurrent is a weekly current events show written and produced by students from Michigan State University.

We chatted with reporter Nick Saba about everything there is to know about SGP.


The State News is MSU's Independent Student Media group since 1909. The State News and is updated daily with news, information, sports, features and more all written, edited and posted by our student staff.

Here is a link to their article about us.


Fox 2 Detroit reports on the latest local developments in the Detroit Area - sports, weather, news, and more.

Here is a link to their article about us.


The Lansing State Journal strives to serve the greater good of the Greater Lansing area community. They are on a relentless quest to provide trusted news and information to actively support the people and businesses in the Greater Lansing area community.

Here is a link to their article about us.


UrbanMeisters is a collaborative platform where likeminded individuals from various fields and countries to bring you the most complete and efficient set of solutions that seamlessly fit into your urban life. They would love you to share your knowledge, opinions, tips and join us in this ongoing conversation to make it more relevant and vibrant.

Here is a link to their article about us.


Mother Nature Network is the world's most visited online network for news and information related to the environment and responsible living. MNN is designed for people who want to make the world a better place. Its content is engaging, non-political, and easy-to-understand and goes well beyond traditional "green" issues — encompassing topics that include family, health, home, travel, food and community involvement.

Here is a link to their article about us.


illustrarch is a team dedicated  to sharing developments in the fields of architecture, design, and 3D modeling. They work with students, organizations, and professionals to promote and share projects and ideas. They also author a number of guides and tutorials to help people further develop their skills with design and 3D modeling.

Here is a link to their article about us.


ecogreenlove is a place with natural, environmental, healthy, and ecological resources. They share topics about upcycling, food, sustainability, zero waste, gardening, and nature.

Here is a link to their article about us.

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