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Bennett Obrecht


Year in School: Senior

Major: Psychology, with a minor in leadership of organizations.

Why is he a part of the Student Biodome Project: I am thrilled to be involved in the Student Biodome Project. The Student Biodome Project holds a special place in my heart due to its ingenious fusion of education and hands-on involvement, which fosters a profound comprehension of ecological principles while nurturing a palpable sense of environmental stewardship. By immersing students in the construction and nurturing of self-contained ecosystems, the project not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also cultivates a genuine appreciation for the intricate interplay of life on our planet. 


Megan Hishon


Year in School: Senior

Major: Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Why is she a part of the Student Biodome Project: I initially joined the project because I loved the idea of a multi-generational student led project that would have a major impact on MSU's campus and the overall community.  I felt as though my own values and interests aligned well with the ultimate goals and objectives of the project and knew that it was something I wanted to be apart of.


Tom Fanning


Year in School: Junior

Major: Neuroscience

Why is she a part of the Student Biodome Project: The Student Biodome Project allows me to connect with nature, and to pioneer a way for others to connect with nature too. The SGP also allows me to learn more about the cognitive benefits that the environment can bring, while meeting peers who share similar interests.


Courtney Huang


Why is she a part of the Student Greenhouse Project: Her belief that we all need a Biodome in our lives has led her to help spread more information about the project through the web.

Phillip Lamoureux Director_edited_edited.jpg

Phillip Lamoureux


Why is he a part of the Student Greenhouse Project: His belief in the vision of the Biodome as a life changing nature engagement center has motivated him to pour himself into this project for over two decades.

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