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How is the Biodome Different?

What makes the Biodome different is its intent to serve as a space to cultivate mental health, interpersonal connections, goodwill, and community growth, leading to solutions for a better future living closer to nature.

The Biodome will be beyond a museum, zoo, or standard conservatory, by being a nature immersion community activity center. Our mission is to have people spend more time in nature. We are focused on putting life’s daily activities and community events into a nature environment.

To achieve this we would reverse the standard conservatory business model. Instead of limited free time slots, like a free afternoon on Thursdays, for example, the Biodome would be free at the door all week during business hours and Monday through Wednesday evenings. To be financially self-sustaining there are rental and door charge event times on Thursday through Sunday evenings, and an optional weekend entrance fee.  While it will be financially sustainable, it is also not a profit-oriented business. The goal is community utilization and transformation by more nature time, stress reduction, and connection.  All best served by welcoming availability.


The Biodome is different because it is targeted to be a neighborhood facility instead of a singular metropolitan or regional attraction. It will be a community activity, learning, and engagement center providing education and information on environmental practices and local issues.  There will be social science research to understand and enhance the engagement effect, while learning what best is shared as interpersonal and community connections grow. This sets the Biodome endeavor apart as well.

The objective is to change and enhance community life at the local community level. Transform the daily life of kids growing up, college students understanding of the world, lower working families' day-to-day stress, provide a welcoming space for relaxation, socialization, learning, and a gathering place for seniors. Bringing nature to the doorstep to keep us human and sane, while reminding as many people as possible of the life and beauty of our world, being an encouraging stepping-stone to the great outdoors; all these intentional objectives make Biodome building a movement, and the Biodome different.

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