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An International Movement for a Greener World

We are working to build the first student/community Biodome. It will be the seed for understanding how an oasis of nature in urban communities enhances personal health, mental state, and grows community interaction and cohesion.

We have interested participants around the globe and financial supporters in Ireland and Europe, as well as affiliates looking into Biodome construction in their communities in Canada and other US states. You can join.

The Biodome design is adaptable and we are presently working on flexible accommodation of different seasonal sun angles, frostline depth or absence, rainfall availability, level or sloped sites, various national building code compliance, and community preferences of population service groups.

The vision of many Biodomes where people can relax, connect, share, and work together for a better future, forming networks of informed, revitalized people striving for change and a greener world is our goal.


Most people understand we are headed into a global predicament. We are the resource to change ourselves, by forming a consensus and sharing solutions. Knowledge is important, but action is required. Togetherness and a common (calming) place is a strong starting point.

Building many Biodomes will provide visible iconic structures on civic skylines. These civic venues will function as focal points for community networking, nature solace, and cultivating caring stewards for nature and community.

We want people to spend more time in a life rich environment, seeing things grow, experiencing sparkling waterfalls, little creatures and beauty; sharing sunny moments, friendship, and ideas.

The movement focuses on the foundational value of infrastructure to shape our actions and emphasis. The Biodome as a life rich gathering place becomes a home base to consolidate community and reinforce aspirations, discovery and change. You can join in and be part of the change.

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